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The word Anima means the inner self of an individual; the soul.  In Jungian Psychology, it describes the unconsciousness or true inner self of an individual.


Understanding that we have a conscious and unconscious brain, and learning the equal powers of both in mental health, led our journey in psychotherapy  education to The Human Givens Institute.


The Human Givens (HG) approach originated in the field of psychotherapy and the many new insights provided by the research of its founders, Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, who have been quietly revolutionising the effective treatment of mental health and behavioural problems for the last 20 years.


The organising ideas and framework contained in the human givens approach have subsequently been found to be so universally applicable that HG principles are now also used in many other settings, such as education, business and diplomacy, improving outcomes and increasing our understanding of human nature and how to interact with people in a way that enhances their emotional health and helps them make the most of their abilities and talents.


At its core is a highly empowering idea, that human beings, like all organic beings, come into this world with a set of needs. Human Givens Psychology suggests that if those needs are met appropriately, mentally illness is unlikely to present. Perhaps no more powerful a statement could ever be made about the human condition: "If human beings' needs are met, they won't get depressed; they cannot have psychosis; they cannot have manic depression; they cannot be in the grip of addictions." (1)


Meet the therapist


Kate Cook HGDip, GHGI

Kate is a Psychotherapist and the founder and owner of Anima Therapy.  Kate brings a wealth of knowledge from the practice of Human Givens and is particularly adept in dealing with trauma and addictions.


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“I was so tired, I didn’t want to do anything, I just felt like I was disappearing, I started seeing Kate, she helped with my sleep and gave me hope.  I am now back at work and in a new relationship” James, Buckingham 

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